Marijuana Vaporizers

cannabis vaporizers

The $5.3 Billion industry of marijuana vaporizers in only growing stronger and stronger. There is a big reason of why everyone is leaning towards these devices, it’s for the potency and cardiovascular reduction. Marijuana vaporizers are everyone’s favorite tool to use when smoking.  There are many new types of weed vapes that are taking the market by storm. It’s your choice on the exact type of vape you want to buy and there are many options and styles you can pick up as well.

There are so many different types of popular marijuana vaporizers out on the market today.  If you’re still using the blunts, pipes, bongs and joints, you might want to consider a vaporizer to be the alternative method of medicating from now on.  Vaporizers provide many different types of benefits  that will appease ones preference into falling in love with a vaporizer.  The 85% increased potency means you’ll be saving a lot more materials and many more carcinogens will be filtered.  When we did the case study, we found that marijuana vaporizers will save the user over 8.5 grams of weed per ounce which will save you $125 per ounce if you’re paying $15 a gram which is an incredible savings.  With the biggest growth of vapes on the rise, many users are scouring different online vaporizer stores to buy themselves one of these really popular devices. When you take a vaporizer into consideration, you’ll be gaining many different types of insights on exactly what the vaporizer will provide you.   The swift, 95% filtration of carcinogens is just another insight to see a user never over-look and take into consideration when buying a vaporizer.  You’re going to save lots of money and time when you convert to one as well.   There are cannabis vapes that can vape all materials such as; dry herb, wax, oils and concentrates.  It’s up to you to pick what type of marijuana vape you want to buy.

As there are many types of vaporizers for sale online, make sure you take these into consideration. A Marijuana vaporizer comes in many different styles and types.  Portable, pen and desktop vapes are the ones you’ll be able to choose from.   Filter down to the styles you can choose and even the heating type. The styles are direct draw, whip, butane, flame and balloon bag.. You can choose from conduction or convection vaporization.  It is best to research and experiment all the different kinds of medical marijuana vaporizers prior to buying one.   A good marijuana vaporizer will never reach the point of combustion on your materials and will extract the THC from the dry leaf and form it into a gas called vapor.  Lets look into all the different types of vaporizers there are and we’ll first explain what all the types of heating elements and styles mean.

Conduction Vaporizers Vs Convection Vaporizers

Conduction vaporizers are when a botanical is resting directly on top of a heating element. The heat will turn the botanical into a gas and vapor will extract. A user will pull the vapor through a vapor path and out of a mouthpiece into their lungs.  Convection vaporizers are when a unit uses a fan that blows air into a heating element which vaporizes the botanical and pushes up through an air path and into a silicone tube, mouthpiece and balloon bag. The user inhales the botanical as it’s being forced into a material such as a balloon or silicone piece and through a mouthpiece.  Conduction vaporizers are more common, they’re cheaper to make and purchase online and require less technology. Many people prefer conduction vaporizers due to the fact that there will be less technical problems as the vaporizer utilizes less technology and also forms a lot more vapor.   The downside of conduction vaporizers is they tend to combust your materials more often and users tend to stir  the materials around so the botanical on the weed gets evenly vaporized without burning one particular side.   Convection vaporizers have more technology, require a little more set up but produce the purest form of potent vapor out of the two.  Convection vaporizers can be used with many more styles of vaporizers such as (Balloons, water attachments, whip-styles).  Convection vaporizers tend to be a bit more expensive and require the user to know a little bit more than what a conduction vaporizer takes to learn. Although the vapor is evenly vaporized with minimal to no-risk of combustion, people find that the convection vaporizers aren’t as durable, and  don’t produce a very thick vapor density.  Learn more about conduction vaporizers vs convection vaporizers

Marijuana Vape Pens

cannabis vape pens

marijuana vape pens are very affordable and can vaporize everything from weed, oils and waxes and are very small, slender and have a very good amount of battery life depending on the mAH.  If you want to look into vapor pens, this is the right time as there are so many new types of vaporizers online that are catching the attention of many vapor enthusiasts online.  And herbal vaporizer usually holds under a half gram but can last for days without a charge. Vape pens are only designed for 3-5 good pulls so don’t expect a very long vaporization period when you’re using a pen vaporizer.   It’s really great for users that are using weed for medicinal purposes but is very inconvenient for users that want to experience a vaping session with their friends. You’ll be very disappointed as a vape pen can only hold less than a half gram of weed.  These things are small and powerful and come in different sizes ranging from 3 inches tall to 9 inches tall.  Herbal vaporizers are being made daily as many new enthusiasts roll into the market. Every person should own a vapor pen to experience what it’s like to have something quick and affordable on the go.  The only problem you may experience is loading your materials inside the heating chamber, especially if it uses cartridges and doesn’t come with a fill tool.  Because they usually hold a half gram, you really can’t load on the go so if you want to experience longer-than-life vape sessions, make sure you bring more than one pen vaporizer where-ever you go.

Portable Marijuana Vaporizers

portable vapes on sale for weed

There are the newest portable marijuana vaporizers that come out every month and most of them are starting to use convection vaporization. The best portable vaporizers use dual vaporization and usually cost close to $300. Portable vaporizers are built for power and durability. They cost a lot more than an herbal pen vaporizer and hold much more material where you can experience a longer vaporization session for a longer period of time.  If the time comes t hat you want to invest some real money in a portable vape, you can look online to find the best portables listed online at some of the lowest prices.  Portable vaporizers are just really good units that can save you a lot of money.  You will want to look for ones with temperature settings, convection vaporization, dual vaporization and the ones that are brand new to the market that use blue-tooth technology.  Some of the best portable vaporizers in the world can be found online and it’s up to you to find the best portables online at the lowest prices.

Marijuana Desktop Vaporizers

dry herb vapes on sale

Now it comes down to  the table top units which can be the best to smoke marijuana with.  There are lots of different types of marijuana desktop vaporizers online you can find and many of them can be used with different styles.   The conduction desktop vaporizers can use a whip and can be used with a mouthpiece where a user inhale through a glass mouthpiece and the vapor travels through a silicone tube.  These marijuana desktop vaporizers are called a whip-style vaporizer which range from $50 – $700 depending on the quality of vaporizer you want.   It’s best to use the desktop vapes that don’t have a digital display since the heat can be controlled by the amount of air you inhale and the durability is significantly increased when you buy a desktop unit without an LCD.   The units with an LCD screen let you control the amount of heat reaches the herbs. You can precisely set the temperature you desire using a desktop vape with a temperature control system.  The units that utilize convection vaporization can vary from vape to vape as one vape can use a forced-air system that pushes vapor through the whip and out of a mouthpiece. And there are ones that use a balloon bag system where you use a valve system that locks vapor from escaping.  Portable units come in many different shapes and sizes and range differently from the price as you get deep into the amount of technology a marijuana desktop vape can use.  The technology nowadays is limitless and every unit keeps coming out with the best steel heating rods.  It’s up to you if you want to have one of the best desktop vaporizers in the world.